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Smoke Alarm Test Poles
Thank you for your smart thinking on the UPS. The Smoke Sprayer arrived on Friday as planned and I used it on Saturday. It worked great, It cut the time it takes me do my buildings in half and saved a bunch of effort not dragging a ladder around. Thanks again!!

 Chris M


The Smoke Sprayers work great. I bought a 24ft telescoping pole and it works just fine in conjunction with your attachment and our "Can of Smoke". I recommend marketing your product to other alarm companies who perform fire inspections in commercial environments. I have a total of $75.00 invested in my setup. Your closest competitor, a manufacturer of specifically designed devices, which basically do the same, come in around $400.00. Some up to $600.00. Good luck with your product.

Casey - MO


 I have received the Smoke Sprayer already today and it has exceeded my expectations for quality of construction.  It looks like it should work and last for a very long time.  I think your product has paid for itself already!  I am very pleased.  Thanks.




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